From My SOUL to yours

Red Goddess Flying

As I have expressed in my previous posts, my soul has been speaking through my poetry.

I have been inquiring into what it means to be LOVE INCARNATE?

I am staring at my reflection and seeing my soul for the first time… and embracing ALL of it, ALL of me.

I share with you these words, some fragments, some poetic ramblings,

all these parts of me wanting to be seen, I am setting them free to set my soul aflight, she wants to FLY

I will never be obscure like this

Perhaps that is why I write 

to make sense of this tangled mess

that has warped my own truth,

kept me from mySELF

This is the ONE place where 

ALL of ME is ALLOWed

where I am safe to BE

and when I let you into this 

SACRED space,

I am set FREE

“I AM”

This is not about TRANSCENDing or ASCENDing

to some higher plane

I am ROOTed on this Earth that I walk on

GROUNDing deeper into myself

emBODYing the SOUL that I am



Poetry from Darkness to Light

Part of evolving into who you are is bringing your darkness to light.

Here are a few poems from a darker place…


it’s been too long

since I let it pour out of me

one   word   at   a   time

seeking to make sense

of all the emptiness



overcast sky

not above,

but inside



for the sun to shine


to shine again

© 2006 Betty E Larrea

Radiant Light Poem

I Want Candy

lips lolli small

I Want Candy Haikus



taste these sugar lips

like cotton candy kisses

melting in your mouth


open wide, my love

i’ve got your favorite treat

chocolate-covered me


suck hard, make your way

into my gooey center

good to the last drop


i’ll be your after

dinner mint and  wake you up

with breakfast in bed


i want my candy

like I want you, yummy and

easy to swallow